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What Is Prepaid Legal Group?

prepaid legal groupPrepaid legal services are an excellent option for individuals and families, but there are also plans created especially for business and employers. So, what’s prepaid legal group? Prepaid Legal Group services provide an employer and business with a prepaid plan that will service their whole business, including all of their employees.

There are several good reasons for going with a legal group plan. One of the biggest reasons employers choose this option is, they want to be able to focus on their business, and not have the distractions of employee’s legal issues. When an employee has any kind of stress going on away from work, their performance is bound to be affected, and this of course impacts the business. A prepaid legal group plan covers any legal problems employees may have, which gives the employee peace of mind, since they’re not worrying about having to find a way to pay for an attorney, which of course means they’re not as distracted at work.

Whats Prepaid Legal Group cover?

Prepaid legal group covers every area of law. Whether one of your employees is selling their house, or being sued for divorce, they will be covered in the plan, and will be able to get professional advice from an attorney who specializes in that area of law. Other frequently used areas are traffic law, estate law, financial and corporation law and family law.

All employees are automatically accepted as qualifying, and pre-existing legal issues are usually accepted, meaning if any employee is currently being distracted or kept from work due to a legal complication, if the company becomes a member of a prepaid legal group plan, that employee would be able to immediately receive legal advice and help on that issue.

The plans usually also cover the employees’ families, including their spouses, children and other dependents. There are no contract terms, so you’re not tied in, and the employees do not pay an enrollment fee. On top of all that, employees will be able to retain their plan when they retire. This is a great benefit for a company to offer, to be able to recruit – and keep – top class employees.

Whats Prepaid Legal Group Policy Regarding Employment Law?

A concern by many employers may be that they will be paying to set up this plan, only to have an employee use it against them. Employers are protected against this situation as the plans usually have a condition in them that prevents an employee using the legal services against the company or employer.

Whats prepaid legal group attorney areas of law?

Attorneys used by the service come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and regardless of the legal issue, there will be a choice of attorneys who specialize in that specific area. All of the attorneys available will be in your local area, and when you or one of your employees calls the toll free number, and gives the membership number, the case will be assigned to a local attorney who specializes in that particular area of law.

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