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Some Information On Prepaid Legal Plan

Prepaid legal planIf you’re wondering what is prepaid legal plan, it’s a system that gives you access to free as well as deeply discounted legal services by the lawyers in your area.

A prepaid legal plan is a fairly new system that works just like a private health insurance plan (and its network of medical professionals), except in this case you’re covered for your legal needs.

How does it work? You pay a monthly fee to the prepaid legal plan company and start to use their services as you need them. When you call the company, you will be asked for your membership information and location. You will then be connected to the lawyers in your area.

It’s really simple, but for people who are wondering what is prepaid legal plan, there might be some questions as to whether or not it is necessary in the first place.

Well, the truth is that you don’t need to get into trouble to need legal services. All of us will have to see a lawyer some time in our lives for consultation on legal issues and how to solve them, the creation of a will and testament, and the preparation of legal documents. Although these simple legal services are not terribly expensive, you can get them for free with prepaid legal plans.

Prepaid legal plans also give you deep discounts on legal services that would otherwise be expensive, like divorce, name change, traffic ticket defense, spouse/child support, etc.

If you would do some research online and search for what is prepaid legal plan? you will find many prepaid legal services out there. We’re not going to tell you to go for this or that service, but we are going to tell you to look at several websites and compare their pricing and plans.

You will find that most of these services have their plans divided into personal, business, and personal plus business. How much do the plans cost? We looked at one website and found its personal plan to cost $16.95 per month (with $3.95 one-time enrollment fee).

While all of those plans include free basic legal services like phone and face-to-face consultation, they also include deeply discounted services. For example, while traffic ticket defense normally costs $200, it would only cost $89 with a prepaid legal plan. Name change services are also deeply discounted. While it normally costs $365, it would only cost you $155.

We know that it’s cheap and we’d strongly encourage you to enroll in a prepaid legal plan, if not for your personal needs, then for your business needs, that is, if you are setting up a business or have an existing one.

It’s no secret that legal costs are inevitable in business, like taxes and employee resignations. You will want to save money where you can.

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