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The Many Advantages of Pre-Paid Legal Services

pre-paid legal servicesMany people out there spend a bundle on legal fees each year. This is why many of them have considered taking advantage of Pre-Paid Legal Services. While this may sound like the perfect solution to the problem, there is a downside. Here are a few pros and cons you should keep in mind if you are thinking about signing up.

Pro – The Yearly Rates Are Quite Affordable

If you are someone who gets into trouble quite often, it is in your best interest to consider Pre-Paid Legal Services. This is because the amount you will have to pay each year for certain legal procedures will be considerably less than it would be if you were required to pay each time. Once you pay your yearly premium, you will not have to worry about it until the following year, which is a great convenience. There are some people out there paying as little as $100 a year, which is more than reasonable.

Con – All Legal Services Are Not Covered

It is important that you are clear about the services that are covered by this type of policy. Many people are under the assumption that paying their premium entitles them to limitless legal representation at no cost. This is not the case at all, so keep this in mind as you consider whether this is a service you need. Most of the time, paying your premium entitles you to things like free consultations, legal advice and preparation of some documents. All other services will still have to be paid for out of pocket.

Pro – You Build Trust With One Attorney

There is one thing that anyone can tell you, and that is solid legal help is not very easy to find. In a world filled with corruption and greed, it is not always easy to find an attorney that is really out for your best interest. Prepaying for legal services gives you a clue that money is not the main motivation for the attorney. Also, since they are available whenever you need, it helps build a solid business relationship. You can now rest easy since you know that you are in good hands any time a legal issue arises.

Con – They Aren’t Always Needed

People who are often in legal conundrums would greatly benefit from this type service, but there are others who would not at all. In case of the latter, Pre-Paid Legal Service are not a very feasible option. Yes, there is a chance that the unexpected can happen and you may need some help, but chances are that is probably not likely. This means that you would be paying a yearly premium for absolutely nothing. In instances like that, it would probably be best to forgo prepaid services and stick with paying on a case-by-case basis.

Pro – You May Be Offered The Opportunity To Make Money

Whether you knew this or not, these types of services are often associated with multi-level marketing. You may be offered the chance to recruit others to sign up and receive payment for each referral. This may sound like a bad thing, but you should look at the larger picture. If you know many people who could benefit and you make extra cash offering these plans to them, it means that yours will end up being free in the end. Even if you only sign up a few people, you can make a little extra to put toward your premium.

Con – It May All Be A Scheme

While some people legitimately use these services and make an additional income in the process, there are many companies that are out there to take advantage. Unscrupulous companies may pretend to offer these services, then by the time people try to use them the company has gone out of business. This is very common in this industry, which is why you should be very careful about whom you are giving your money to.

As you can probably tell by now, there are good and bad point when it comes to Pre-Paid Legal Services. You should review all of this information carefully before deciding if this is something that you are interested in.

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