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pre-paid legalGetting pre-paid legal services has numerous advantages. Americans are faced with numerous legal issues throughout their lifetimes and often times, they are forced to face these issues alone. Some may avoid getting legal help because they can’t afford it or simply don’t feel comfortable working closely with an attorney. People that forego the help of an attorney not only experience uncertainty and stress, but they are faced with less than desirable outcomes.

Fortunately, there is help out there for anyone dealing with identity theft, traffic tickets, personal property problems or debt collection issues. The answer is a fairly common idea known as pre-paid legal services. If you’ve never heard of this, you’re certainly not alone- most people never knew that this was ever an option.

What Is A Pre-Paid Legal Plan?

If you know what a medical benefit plan is, the same sort of idea is what is behind pre-paid legal services. What you’re basically doing is pre-paying for any future legal services you may require, or if you’re employed, you’re employer pays on your behalf. The pre-payment is done on a monthly basis like you would pay an insurance policy.

The Convenience And Savings of Pre-paid Legal Services

Members of a pre-paid legal plan will receive a phone number they can call if they encounter any legal issues. The call center will usually take the call and assess the nature of the problem before recommending an attorney in the area. This helps avoid the stress associated with searching for an attorney that will take your case.

The way you can look at these types of services is like having an attorney on retainer. You don’t have to worry about payment, but if you need help, they will be available for you.

One of the top benefits of a legal plan like the one mentioned above is the savings. Most people avoid getting the help of an attorney because it’s too expensive for them. However, not getting the right help is never the answer. With a pre-paid plan, you can pay on a monthly basis, and the cost is so little you will hardly notice it.

If your employer is doing this, he or she can automatically deduct a certain amount of money from each of your paychecks. Over time, this money can get you a lot of legal help, but the small amounts of money will never be missed. So for example, if you’re purchasing a new home, you can have an attorney through the pre-paid legal services take a look at your contract and make sure there aren’t any loopholes or fine print you’ve missed.

Helps Psychological Health

One of the main reasons people are less productive at work or in other areas of their life is simply because they have uncertain financial situations. When you’re not sure about how things will pan out, it can certainly hinder your ability to pay attention or fulfill your job requirements. Even more importantly, many people end up missing days of work because they simply can’t handle the stress and psychological problems associated with legal problems.

All of the above information was actually proven by a study performed by MetLife. The study took an insider look at employee benefit trends and how it impacted their performance in the workplace. As you can see, many employees were clearly impacted by their financial and legal problems.

However, the study was also conducted on people that had the help of pre-paid legal service plans. The exact opposite was found in their behavior towards work and their financial statuses.

Becoming a part of a network of people that get legal help when necessary gives employees and everyday individuals a confidence boost. Even more importantly, employers should be looking to provide their employees at the very least with pre-paid legal benefits. The whole process is easy enough to incorporate into the workplace, and it doesn’t actually require the employer to pay for anything out of pocket since the money is deducted from paychecks.

Lastly, there are numerous websites online that offer pre-paid legal plans and they are easy to sign up for. Depending on the website you choose, you will be given a choice in terms of plans and coverage. Of course, the more expensive plans may cover more, but basic coverage is always a good place to start.

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