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Terms and Conditions

I understand that my membership sets forth the terms and conditions of my membership, including any exclusions or limitations, and I agree to be bound by the same. I further understand that the terms and conditions are available in the printable member guidebook at The membership terms, together with this application, constitutes this entire agreement between the company and the member with respect to the membership, and there are no agreements, understandings, warranties, or representations other than as set forth herein and in membership terms.

Furthermore I wish to pay by credit/debit card. This authority is to remain in effect until The Protection Group Association Co. receives written notification from me revoking the authorization. I understand and agree that my credit/debit card will be charged each month on or about the effective date of my membership.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  You may cancel your membership by written notice at any time.

If cancellation is effected by you, and received by us, within seven (7) days of your first payment, the refund will be $16.95. The $3.95 One-Time Activation Fee is non-refundable. If you cancel your membership after seven (7) days of your first payment, your membership will be cancelled on the next monthly billing cycle date (the “cancellation effective date”). No refunds will be issued after seven (7) days of your first payment. All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing.

We may cancel your membership for non-payment at any time. Non-payment includes, but is not limited to, your credit/debit card being declined for payment for any reason. Membership services will be provided until the cancellation effective date.