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Prepaid Legal Service – Is It The Right Fit For You?

prepaid legal serviceA prepaid legal service is a system where, for a monthly fee, you get access to free and deeply discounted legal services. How does it work? You join a prepaid legal plan company, pay the monthly fee, and then contact the company in order to get in touch with the lawyers in your area.

It’s really refreshingly simple, which is a relief in today’s complicated world. You might think you don’t need legal services, however, the truth is that all of us are going to need a lawyer some time in our lives. If it’s not divorce, it could be something as mundane as a standard legal document.

Without a prepaid legal service, it could get very expensive. To illustrate, a simple divorce would cost $1,100 in legal fees. But with a prepaid plan, it would only cost $275. Other legal services are the same in that they would also be deeply discounted.

Prepaid Legal Service Is Very Inexpensive

The good thing about a prepaid legal plan is that it’s not at all expensive to maintain. We looked at one website that has its services divided into personal, business and personal plus business plans. The personal plan only costs $16.95 per month.

If you think it’s cheap, it is, and it’s one reason why prepaid legal plans are growing in popularity especially among small business. You know how it is, incurring legal costs is really inevitable, especially if you’re just about to have your business registered. If you have a thriving business, you could offer prepaid legal service plans as part of your employee benefits. You employees will surely appreciate it, thus increasing employee retention rate.

It might interest you to know that the typical prepaid legal plan actually offers face-to-face consultation with a lawyer for free. So, if you have any legal matter you can go a local lawyer as often as you need. Phone consultations are also part of the package.

A prepaid legal plan is really a lot like a private healthcare insurance plan where, for a certain premium, you get access to a network of professionals, only in this case the professionals are lawyers in different areas of specialization, including family law, corporate law, personal injury, bankruptcy, among others.

When looking for a prepaid legal plan, one of the most important factors to consider is the local lawyers in the network. Remember, a prepaid legal plan will allow you to meet with local lawyers, so it’s only makes sense to check if the attorneys in their network are the legal professionals you need.

Anyway, just like healthcare plans, you shouldn’t do your research. Instead, do some research on the different services and compare and contrast their plans. We can’t emphasize this enough, but price shouldn’t be your only consideration in your choice, you need to consider who the lawyers are in the network. Why? Just like doctors, lawyers also differ in skills. We are confident that Prepaid Legal Group offers the best protection and benefits at the best price.

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