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Legal / ID Theft / LifeEvents

  • Access to a nationwide network of over 20,000 plan attorneys that
    provide free and discounted legal services.
  • Lost or stolen credit card assistance and document recovery services.
  • Identity theft restoration.
  • Identity theft insurance up to $25,000 by an “A” rated insurer. Identity monitoring.
  • LifeEvents™ counseling.

Nationwide access

Our members will have access to a nationwide network of plan attorneys that have contracted with Legal Care Direct™ to provide free and discounted legal services. Upon contacting our Member Services Department, members will be referred to a plan attorney based on language, area of law, and location.

Benefit features

Legal care Direct™ is a discount legal referral service with a nationwide network of plan attorneys who provide free and discounted legal care for over 1 million families. Membership includes you, your spouse or domestic partner, dependent children under the age of 25, and any dependents that may be living with you such as a parent of grandparent.

Free Legal Services

  • Initial phone and/or face-to-face conversation for each new legal matter with no time limits.
  • Review of independent legal documents (6 page maximum per document).
  • Simple Will for you and your family with free annual updates.
  • State specific Living Will.
  • Small claims court representation assistance.
  • Plan attorneys will provide assistance solving problems with government programs, such as INS and welfare.
  • Attorney phone calls on your behalf (when applicable and appropriate).
  • Attorney letters on your behalf (when applicable and appropriate).

Deeply Discounted Legal Services

Case Type Member Rate Non-Member Rate
Traffic Ticket Defense $89 $199
Name Change $155 $365
Simple Will With Minors Trust $250 $530
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy $750 $1,500
Non-Support For Spouse or Child $275 $1,490
Simple Divorce $275 $1,100
Regular Incorporation $295 $585
Personal Real Estate Closing $250 $675

Lost or Stolen Credit Card Assistance.

Privacy Advocates will assist members in the event their credit cards are misplaced or stolen.

Services include

  • Obtaining credit reports from each of the three major credit bureaus.
  • Placing fraud alerts with all three major credit bureaus.
  • Canceling affected credit cards and requesting replacement cards.
  • Credit dispute assistance.
  • Six months of daily ID monitoring.

Identity Theft Restoration

Dedicated case managers will act on your behalf to investigate and confirm fraudulent activity, complete and mail customized, state specific “fraud packets”, and issue fraud alerts and victim statements when necessary to credit bureaus, the Federal Trade Commission, Social Security Administration, US Postal Service, and will assist in notifying local law enforcement.

Members will gain peace of mind and resolution of key issues from start to finish as quickly as possible

Identity Theft Insurance

Each member will receive up to $25000 of Identity Theft Insurance, underwritten by a nationally recognized insurance carrier with an “A” or better AM Best Rating. Coverage assists with lost wages, re-filing of loans, defense cost for certain civil and criminal lawsuits associated with identity theft, and reimbursement of certain fees.

Identity Monitoring

As part of the restoration process, Identity Monitoring searches and monitors for past history and real time identity frauds or threats. Identity monitoring utilizes innovative technology to detect misuse or even an elevated likelihood of misuse of your personal information.

This program monitors billions of data on a daily basis from sources such as:

Wireless carrier applications
Retail credit card accounts
Auto loans
Checking accounts
Utility accounts
Real estate records
Court records
Criminal records
Social Security records

LifeEvents™ Counseling

Through LifeEvents™, you and your family will have toll-free access to behavioral health professionals 24-7. All calls are answered directly by licensed, masters and doctorate level clinicians, and all services are handled with complete confidentiality.

Consultations are available for:

Emotional distress
Family and marital problems
Job stress
Substance abuse
Family concerns and conflicts
Adjustment issues (such as relocation, new family members, new relationships, new job)
Domestic and workplace violence
Grief and loss

LifeEvents™ counselors will work with you every step of the way – from the initial assessment through recommendation and follow-up.
Through your initial consultation, counselors will determine your needs and align appropriate resources.
After the initial assessment, the counselor follows up with the local provider to coordinate recommendations.
LifeEvents™ counselors will follow up with you in a timely manner to ensure quality and satisfaction of services.
Only after the counselor has determined, with you and the provider, that you have successfully resolved your issue will LifeEvents™ close your case.

Family Legal Plan – $16.95/Month

*$3.95 Enrollment Fee (One-Time Only) *No Contracts

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