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Pre-paid Legal

At Pre-Paid Legal Group we afford our members the peace of mind of knowing that they have licensed legal plan attorneys on standby, at a free and/or discounted rates, in the event that they are faced with a legal issue. Unexpected legal costs can financially destroy a person in the same manner that a debilitating illness can in the face of not having health Insurance. Studies have shown that the average hourly cost of an attorney is $284/hr. Most people don’t realize how expensive legal representation is until it is too late. Members of our Prepaid Legal Service immediately gain access to over 22,000 plan attorneys that specialize in all major fields of law. Our plan attorneys will even help members with legal issues that took place prior them obtaining our legal plan. Get Plan Details Here.

Pre-paid Legal & Identity Theft Coverage

As a member of our Pre paid Legal Service you automatically receive $25,000 of Identity Theft coverage along with Identity Theft Restoration. The $25,000 can be used towards any unpaid out of pocket expenses that you incurred as a result of the Identity Theft. The Identity Theft Restoration portion of our Legal Service will walk you through the entire process of stopping the Identity Theft, restoring your Identity and then one of our qualified plan attorneys will implement one year of Identity Monitoring to ensure that the Identity Theft doesn’t reoccur. Most other legal plans on the market offer Identity Theft Coverage and or Identity Theft Restoration at an additional cost to the member. Get Plan Details Here.

Prepaid Legal Family Plan – $16.95/Month

*$3.95 Enrollment Fee (One-Time Only) *No Contracts

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